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SlideShow FAQ

How Many Slides Will Fit on a DVD,
Blu-ray or Thumb Drive?

  • A Standard DVD will hold approximately 400 slides - depending on the slides file sizes and the music that is used. (DVD is lower quality than Blu-ray. See explanation below.)
  • A single layer Blu-ray disc can hold approximately 2000 slides - depending on the slides file sizes and the music that is used.
  • Ask us about using dual layer Blu-ray discs, which can hold twice as many slides, but are not universally compatibile with all Blu-ray players.
  • A thumb drive can hold a virtually unlimited number of slides, dependent only upon the thumb drive capacity.

Which Should I choose?

  • Transfers to Blu-ray and thumb drives are far superior to DVD.  They are so much higher definition than DVD and will bring out all of the quality of the original images.  And, because of the extra capacity, compression is not required. Compression reduces quality.
  • Blu-ray and Thumb Drives hold many more slides per disc.
  • DVD is an aging technology. Just like video tape and 8 Track, DVD is on its way out. It makes sense to use a technology that will last into the future.
  • Blu-ray discs will only play on a Blu-ray player, but players have become very inexpensive. Blu-ray players will also play your existing DVD discs.
  • Thumb drives will play on your computer and on many newer model T.V.'s.
  • Thumb drives have become the most popular option, for the reasons stated above.



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