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Newborn Photography FAQ
Questions & Answers
About Newborn Photography

Q. How do you define a "Newborn?"

A. The newborn stage is defined as the first 28 days of life, after which humans are referred to as infants for up to three months. In our studio, we consider newborns to be as old as six weeks, as most babies are born earlier than the 40-week cycle. A baby is considered premature when it is born at least three weeks before the due date—in other words, before the start of the 37th week.

Q. What age is the best to photograph a Newborn?

A. We generally prefer to do the session at an age between 10 and 14 days, but that can vary with such factors as birth weight and how quickly the baby acclimates to life outside the womb.


Q. What if my baby is fussy or isn't having a very good day?

A. We take the time to swaddle and soothe the baby, pausing for feeding and changing, as needed. Most of the time we are able to work through fussy spells, but occasionally a baby will have none of it. In that case, we gladly re-schedule the session at no charge.

Q. Will you make poses with my baby asleep and also wide awake.

A. In most cases we are able to get both because we take the time and have the patience to wait. However, some parents want only one or the other - in which case we are happy to oblige.

Q. What time of day is best for the session?

A. Newborns are generally best photographed in the morning. They are often up most of the night and then fall into a deep sleep in the early morning. Midday usually works well as long as the baby is fed right before the session. Late afternoon is not ideal, especially for newborns with toddler siblings. An afternoon session can head into the dinner hour, which is often a cranky time for everyone involved. We tell parents that we understand they are exhausted, but if they can come to us first thing in the morning and feed their baby before their session, they can relax for the first hour as we focus on baby.

Q. What if my baby's skin has some blemishes?

A. Brand-new babies may have peely, flaky skin as they shed their first layer. Around two to three weeks, they can develop acne. Trying to create the perfect session between peely skin and acne is a big guessing game, but just the right amount of retouching can cure either.

Q. How early should I book my baby's session?

A. We suggest that our clients call within 24 to 48 hours of giving birth. If they are scheduled for a C-section, we pre-schedule their session and then follow up to make sure everything went as planned.

Q. How and when will I see my proofs?

A. Your proofs will be viewable on our secure website within 1-3 days.

Q. Describe some of the things you do to achieve such great images.

A. Most newborns are swaddled for the first two weeks of life, if not longer. They are kept very warm since the womb in which they were raised was about 99.86 degrees, which is the same as a woman’s body temperature. A baby’s temperature averages around 96.8 degrees. Babies cannot regulate their own temperature since they can’t shiver or sweat. Newborns’ body temperature is regulated by their body fat. This is why a 9-pound baby often does very well naked, while a 6-pound baby won’t settle well if not properly wrapped. I don’t use heating pads because I can’t regulate how much heat is hitting the baby’s body. Instead, we use portable heaters at a safe distance from the baby to warm the room. We start most newborn sessions with the baby wrapped well, and slowly unwrap them as they adjust to the room temperature. We then slowly work with various poses as the baby allows. Heavier babies (9 or 10 pounds) often feel very warm, and we don’t keep the wraps on as long for them.

Q. Do you offer discounts for military and 1st Responders?

A. 10% Discount for Active Duty Military, Police, Fire and Fire personnel.


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