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Negative Transfers
to DVD, Blu-Ray,
Thumb Drive or Hard Drive.
Negative Film Developing

Looking For Developing of Un-Processed
Film That's Still In A Roll? 
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We scan and covert all sizes and kinds of negatives including those shown below.

Transfer negatives to DVD or Blu-Ray


Transfer negatives to DVD or Blu-Ray

2 1/4 x 2 1/4


Transfer negatives to DVD or Blu-Ray

Black & White or Color

4x5 - 5x7 - 8x10


Negatives Transfered to
Digital Files

35mm Negatives

Standard Resolution
For Making Prints Up To 8x10
1.40 ea or 1.19 for 100 or more.
Add .50 each if cut into individual negatives.

High Resolution
For Making Prints Larger Than 8x10
Add 1.00 each

Medium Format or Larger Negative

 (Negatives Larger Than 35mm up to 4x5)
Medium Format & Larger Are Always High Resolution

$10.00 each
50 or more - $8.00 ea
100 or more - $5.00 ea

Negatives Smaller Than 35mm
$1.95 ea
50 or more - 1.70 ea
100 or more - $1.55 ea

Prices include electronic delivery by a link
to download them to your computer.

See Options for other ways to get them.



Orders for less than $100 incur
a $25 Small Order Charge.

to play on your T.V. or computer.

Orders for less than $100 incur
a $25 Small Order Charge.

Optional Additional Services

Delivery Options

Prices above include electronic delivery; you'll receive a link to download your files directly to you computer. Other options include:

Archival Thumb Drive - $29

Archival DVD - $12

Archival Blu-ray - $19

Extra Copy of DVD: $9

Extra Copy of Blu-ray: $15

DVD or Blu-ray Disc Label and Case

Custom Disc Label (Text Only) - $7

Custom Disc Label with picture - $16

Custom Case (Text Only) - $12

Custom Case with pictures - $29
Up to 3 pictures on front and back.

Negative scanning, transfer to DVD, transfer to Blu-Ray, transfer negatives to DVD,  transfer negatives to Blu-Ray

Voice: (325) 677-5446

Text: (325) 829-3784


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