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Help For Viewing Proofs and Ordering

Seeing Your Proofs

Click on the picture from your shoot. Thumbnails of your images will appear. If music plays while viewing your proofs you can pause it by clicking the speaker icon ﷯ in the lower left corner. As your mouse hovers over a thumbnail, a larger image will appear and a box will also open beneath the thumbnail showing 3 symbols followed by the image name and number: adds this image to your cart and opens a list of products to order. marks it as a Favorite shares this image on your Facebook or other social media site, if permitted for this gallery. Be careful what you share! Click on an image. It will enlarge and on the right will be displayed a list of products to order. When your mouse is on the image there will be a "play" arrow in the middle of the image: This will start a slide show. Above the image is the client name and image #, with these links: adds it to your favorites, all of which you can see by clicking on "My Favorites." shares the image on various social media. Be careful what you share! shows the image in B&W, Sepia Tone, or Selenium. "COMPARE" will allow you to compare 2 or more images. After selecting 2 or more images for comparison, a new link will appear, allowing you to compare your selections:
Photographer's Favorites are indicated by a Yellow Star in the upper left corner of a thumbnail.

eGift Cards

To send an eGift Card, click on the button that looks like this in the top menu.

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Ordering Products

After clicking the Shopping Cart Symbol, or clicking on the thumbnail image itself, a list of products to order will appear. Note the three types of products: Individual Prints, Packages & Buy Alls.  Be sure to look at all three! Packages and Buy Alls are discounted.

Click on a product, such as "8x10" and a list of options will appear (for most products.)

Select any options you want, then click "Add To Cart."

A box like this will appear:

If you want special cropping then click on "Adjust Crop." Note: I recommend that you leave the cropping decision to me. Because the proof that you see may already be cropped to the  proportions of a specific size print, there may be more cropping latitude available in the original image. If you are concerned about cropping, click "Make a Note," to guide me - or even request that I email you a proof with the final cropping.

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