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Film Developing - Film Processing

We can develop almost all kinds of film!

Negative or Slide

Black & White or Color

Develop & Scan To
Digital Files on CD


  • Develop and Standard Scan - $27 per roll
  • Can be printed up to 4" in longest dimension.
  • Develop and Enhanced Scan - $33 per roll
  • Can be printed up to 6" in longest dimension.
  • Develop and Super Scan - $42 per roll
  • Can be printed up to 14" in longest dimension


  • Disc Film- $47 per disc. This is an ultra-high resolution scan.


  • 5-10 rolls or discs - 15% Discount
  • 11 to 20 rolls or discs - 20% Discount
  • 21 to 40 rolls or discs- 30% Discount

Prices Based on All Rolls or Discs Being In Same Order.


Ordered At Same Time As Film Developing

  • 4" Prints - $12 per roll
  • 5" Prints - $25 per roll

Click HERE for prices on High Quality Enlargements

Minimum order is $50.00

Kodachrome Film Cannot Be Processed By Anyone!

However we can scan and print Kodachrome film that has already been processed.

The last lab that could process Kodachrome Slide File closed in 2011 and the chemicals for processing it are no longer made.

Need Film Scanning?

If you already have negatives and want them scanned to digital files, click Here.

Want Prints From
Negatives or Slides?

Click Here

Voice: (325) 677-5446

Text: (325) 829-3784


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