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"AMAZING Wedding Album, Paul! This album is one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on! It is simply stunning! You are a true artist! There is so much detail in every page, not only with the fabulous quality and "eye" you have for pictures, but putting it all together to make this incredible collaboration. I am beyond impressed, beyond pleased, beyond appreciative, and soooo beyond  excited to have this masterpiece for the rest of our lives to help us remember and enjoy that wonderful day!

Many, many MANY thank you's go out to you from Sam and I! We absolutely LOVE it!"

Robin Picquet

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"We love the photos and album!! Paul White was a tremendous person to work with and a professional in every way. He was a delight in working with our daughter in shooting the bridal portraits. And he was very efficient and yet patient as he worked with many family members in shooting the group photos at the wedding. We picked up the wedding album from him this weekend and are so pleased. It is a beautifully designed album and the photos are excellent. Paul's prices were reasonable and he gave us lots of flexibility in choosing from different plans. I highly recommend Paul White as a wedding photographer."

 Jim Clark




"My wedding day was the most wonderful experience of my life, and you are a major reason why. From the moment I met you I felt relaxed knowing that I didn't have to worry about my photographs. I was able to just bask in the joy of our day with our friends and family. When I saw the proofs I was blown away. I had no idea you had made so many wonderful pictures. It was so hard deciding which ones to include in our album, but once I had chosen them I could hardly wait to see the album design.

When I held my album in my hands, my heart was beating so hard that I thought it would jump out of my chest. Slowly I opened it and suddenly I couldn't hold back the tears. It was like all my warm memories of that day had come to life right before my eyes!

And to think I almost let a friend take my wedding pictures! I shudder to think that I would have never had this fabulous, fabulous album of memories!

I can't say "Thank You" enough. I will recommend you to everyone I know."

Connie Ribola




"Everyone who saw my proofs raved about them. After they saw my finished album they said things like this:

"Wow! I wish I had had Paul White for my photographer."

"I've never seen an album like that. Where did you get it?"

"That is stunning!"

After they saw it my parents just had to have one for themselves."

Brittany Stevens




"We wanted to get married on the beach in Waikiki Hawaii because my best friend had hers there and I LOVED it! The only thing was that her pictures were not good at all and she cried about that. When I read on line that Paul travels and I compared the cost of paying him to come with what my friend paid for her horrible pictures it was only about $300 difference! My friend is so jealous now that she has seen my album!

Precious Morrison




"My married girlfriends are so jealous. After I saw their albums (made by other photographers) I understood why!"

Carol Johnson




"After seeing my album I was disappointed... disappointed that I hadn't added more pages to it! Is it too late to order another one? If not, I'll give mine to my parents and get one with ALL the pictures I really want."

Jaimie Upchurch




"I would sooo recommend Paul White. He is the BEST wedding photographer in the whole wide world! Am I glad I found him? You betcha!!!!"

Morgan Siemens




"Like most brides, I didn't have unlimited funds to spend on my wedding, so I asked myself what would be most important to us in the years to come. Clearly, it wasn't going to be the flowers, or the food - or even my dress which would go in a closet, never to be worn again. But, my wedding album would be there for us to relive our day throughout our married lives and then pass on to the generations to follow. I knew I wanted photographs that would not only preserve the memories, but capture the emotions. I wanted artistic photos, not just "record shots." So, I started asking around about who was the best photographer. Again and again the name "Paul White" was at the top of everyone's list. He was everything I could have wished for in a photographer, and our album is my dream come true!"

Shiloh Smythe




"Paul, I cannot find the words to tell you how pleased I am with my wedding album and the wonderfully professional way you handled every aspect from the shoot at the wedding to the custom design of our album. You were so much fun to work with! My friends' album designs do not compare to mine. Theirs have a "me too," unimaginative look while mine is so obviously custom designed and it fits my and Joe's personality perfectly. I will tell everyone I know that they should go to you!"

Kelli Burns




"Dear White's Photography,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day wonderful! Paul's patience and professionalism was in stark contrast to my friend's wedding that I was in last year, where the photographer was rude, hyper and obnoxious. When I saw her wedding pictures I knew who NOT to hire. They were amateurish and unimaginative. Paul's creativity was amazing and I was amazed at the pictures that I didn't even know he was taking.

Tammy Risoto




"I live in New York and there are so many good photographers to choose from here. But, I wanted someone with a unique style that didn't look like all of my friend's weddings. I found Paul White on the Web and was able to convince him to come here to shoot my wedding. My friends were all asking where I found him. When they saw my proofs on the web they were "oohing and aahing." When my maid of honor saw the finished album she said she is going to try to convince her parents to book Paul for her wedding.." BTW, because the cost of everything here in NY is so high, we were able to pay Paul to come here and come out about the same as hiring a local. And, he is so much nicer than the photogs I have seen at my friend's weddings :)

Constance McCaughren




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